VBA's Founder

In June of 2007, armed with nothing but a website and a forum, Trip created KawaNOW - Kawasaki Nomad Owners Worldwide which grew from just a few members to over 2,300 members within a five year span. In October of 2010, Kawasaki Corporation debuted a new bagger called the Vaquero. Kawasaki also asked Trip if the Vaquero could be included with the Nomad in the KawaNOW supported lineup. Trip agreed and in November of 2011 decided to change the name of KawaNOW to the Vulcan Bagger Association or VBA so that the Vaquero and the Voyager could be better represented. Trip's goal and mission of the VBA is

to provide a place for all Nomad/Vaquero/Voyager owners to get answers to their Vulcan-related questions, house all types of information and provide a place of "Vulcanraderie".

He encouraged all VBA members to contribute any information they may deem important about their experiences with the Nomad, Vaquero or Voyager. And for all members of the VBA to ask questions and get answers from the experienced membership. As the group grew Trip formed regional groups in the United States, Canada and Australia to link up Nomad/Vaquero/Voyager owners and provide rallies and rides in local areas. Trip journals every road trip he takes on his personal website at www.rhilliard.net. He does this so that others can possibly experience the freedom in riding and seeing the USA on a motorcycle. His website also has a list of his favorite roads in his home state of Texas. And plenty of information on his other hobbies. When asked what the future holds for the VBA, Trip feels the sky's the limit.

"The website and the forum are dedicated to the Nomad/Vaquero/Voyager owner, past, present and future", he says. "And it's dedicated to the Vulcan owner...worldwide! "Trip" is also asked by many about his nickname. "Trip" actually was derived from the word "Triple" and not from the fact that he takes trips all the time. Trip is the third "Robert Hilliard" in his family. In addition to being a member of the VBA, Trip is also a member of the The Vulcan Riders Owners Club #16937The Blue Knights Texas Chapter 34 and the The Texas Vulcan Riders Owners Club.