Regional & Assistant Regional Leaders

Canada East Region

Region Leader: Norm "CNC" Ward

Canada West Region

Region Leader: Al "Canuckrider" Leonhardt 

Assistant Leader: Kevin "Voyager" Clark

North Central Region

Region Leader: Ray "Rayski" Slansky

Assistant Leader: Noel "Badger" Burke

South Central Region

Assistant Leader: Heath "Talon" Cady

South East Region

Region Leader: Ron "CoachA" Allan

Assistant Leader: Robert "Bud2rat" Torrey

Assistant Leader: Daren "Goose" Bivens

North West Region

Region Leader: Vacant - Help Wanted

Assistant Leader: Vacant - Help Wanted

South West Region

Region Leader: John "Riderdryer" Dryer

Assistant Leader: Brandon "Hayes" Hayes

When not riding, Tom is an independent IT consultant, enjoys spending time with his family, and doing home-improvement projects.

As an electrical engineer, Tom also enjoys helping fellow VBA'ers out with electrical problems. He says, "It's always a challenge.

No two are ever exactly the same."

Tim "TopCat" Conley

VBA #09

North East Region Assistant Leader

And Forum Moderator

New York State


Tim is known on the forum and to his friends as "TC" a nickname he got in high school as the cartoon Top Cat was popular in the early 60’s.

He started riding motorcycles in 1965 on a Bridgestone 90cc.

His first Nomad was a 2007 he bought new and put 88,000 miles on before selling and buying a 2008 low mileage Nomad in 2012.

His wife Cindy has her own motorcycle and they like to ride whenever possible.

Usually a day trip consists of 200/300 miles and an occasional overnighter will cover 500 to 700 miles.

Tim and Cindy love going to rallies and meeting the members and former members of the VBA forum in person.

Tim says two of their most memorable rallies were Maggie Valley, NC

and Estes Park, Colorado.

Tim retired from Camden Wire Company in 2008 after 44 years of service.

He now spends his time mostly at home doing what he wants when he wants.

David "Framer" Marang

VBA # 2245

South Central Region Leader

And Forum Moderator

Piedmont, Oklahoma


David is a life long Okie. He's lived his whole life around Oklahoma City.

After high school he went to work framing houses and 10 years later started his own business. He started riding when he was 10 with a big bad Benelli 65. He got his motorcycle license when he was 14 and continued riding until he was 24. Other interest took over his life like hunting and fishing although he never forgot his motorcycles. Finally at the young age of 52 he decided to get back in the game. He searched the Internet and found a 2008 Nomad that he had to have. He told his wife that this bike had all the mods and he wouldn't have to do any thing to it. Well after 4 or 5 thousand dollars of mods he

thinks it perfect..... Maybe. But it wasn't enough. He now owns a Voyager as well.

Tom "Tomm" Maziarz

VBA #0766

North East Region Leader

Lee, New Hampshire


Tom is a lifetime New Englander who's lived in New Hampshire since 1987 and loves the area. The roads of northern New England provide miles of great riding. And where else can you go from the ocean to the mountains in just a couple of hours, enjoy the four seasons, and end every summer with a spectacular display of foliage?

His first motorcycle was a 1974 Honda CB360, and riding quickly became a passion. Next came a 1978 Suzuki GS750E, now owned by his younger son. His current ride is a black 2008 Nomad, nicely outfitted for long-distance touring. Even with well over 100,000 motorcycle miles behind him, he's not planning on stopping any time soon. His favorite riding experience was a 9,000 mile, 5-week trip with his wife Sue, leaving from NH, riding the Rocky Mountains from Montana to Colorado, and then back home again.