VBA Photo Contest

The votes have been cast and the 2017 Photo Contest has come to a close.

Thank You to everyone who submitted a photo.

Congratulations to the Winners!!


2017 Photo Contest

First Place: Mitch Lavin

Third Place: Keith Buchman

Second Place: Jamie Brookins

First Honorable Mention: Louis Aube

Second Honorable Mention: Steve MacDonald

2016 Photo Contest

First Place: Jim Loach

Second Place: Amin Bakri

First Honorable Mention: Giorgio Zamboni

Third Place: Mike Blow

Second Honorable Mention: Joseph Downey

2014 Photo Contest

First Place: Jim Wayman

Second Place: Jared M. Gant

First Honorable Mention: John Dyer

Third Place: Andy McAlpin

Second Honorable Mention: Stan Folz

2013 Photo Contest

First Place: Sean Martin

Second Place: Sean Terry

First Honorable Mention: Daniel Jarvis

Third Place: Don Myers

Second Honorable Mention: Tom Greene

2012 Photo Contest

First Place: Brandon Petit

Second Place: Tom Maziarz

First Honorable Mention: Floyd Gibbons

Third Place: Bud Smalley

Second Honorable Mention: Chris Brostuen

2011 Photo Contest

First Place: Jay Stephens

Second Place: Mike Gibson

First Honorable Mention: Ray Slansky

Third Place: Scott Schreiner

Second Honorable Mention: Jared Gant

2010 Photo Contest

First Place: Ryan Erass

Second Place: Kris Olsen

First Honorable Mention: Andy McAlpin

Third Place: Ray Sproull

Second Honorable Mention: Jared Gant

2009 Photo Contest

First Place: Don Price

Second Place: Larry Sellers

First Honorable Mention: Bruce McCrary

Third Place: George Stairs

Second Honorable Mention: Robert Bencsko