Emergency Support List

The purpose of the VBA's emergency support list is to provide a list of members who can assist in case of a breakdown while traveling.

To receive the list via email you must be on the support list. This is an automated list so be sure and follow the instructions below.


  •    Signing up is simple, just fill in the template below and click submit. Use the scroll on the side of the form.

  •    To remove yourself from the Emergency Support List, re-submit the template with just your first name,

          last name, forum name and VBA membership number (if you have one). Leave all other fields blank.

  •    To update your information, fully complete a new template and re-submit it. Do not just submit the changed information.

          You must fully complete a new template.

  •     The list will be mailed out to all names on the list at the beginning of each month from July through November,

           with the first mailing on or about July 1st.

  •     The next mailing after November will be on April 1st, with monthly mailings resuming after that.

           After July 1st, new additions to the list will receive a copy of the list within roughly a week of submitting their information