1. Name: The association name is Vulcan Bagger Association (VBA).

  2. Mission: The Mission of VBA is to collect, provide, and share the most Vulcan Bagger information and promote lasting friendships. We do this through our website, forum, and regular events by pooling resources from dedicated Vulcan Bagger members and enthusiasts.

  3. Governing Body:

    1. The Governing Body of VBA consists of the President, Vice President, National Leaders, Regional Leaders, Regional Assistant Leaders, and Moderators.

  4. Membership:

    1. Any prospective member must be the owner and operator of a Kawasaki Vulcan bagger (i.e. Nomad, Voyager, and Vaquero). Owners of other makes and models may join the fun, but will not be issued an official VBA number.

    2. Initial membership is at the sole discretion of the VBA President.

    3. The Governing Body reserves the right to suspend, revoke, or ban VBA membership and privileges for any member.

  5. Leadership Structure:

    1. VBA is structured democratically, through a popular vote of the Governing Body.

  6. Voting:

    1. Each member of the Governing Body has one vote.

    2. Voting sessions are held for every Governing Body election and any VBA affair that affects the association as a whole (except initial membership of individuals, which is at the sole discretion of the VBA President).

    3. Voting sessions are held online, via the VBA Forum or other acceptable location, if deemed necessary. Voting lasts approximately two days. All votes are due by the end of the second day.

    4. Votes are placed by members of the Governing Body anonymously, except when the President alone votes to break a tie, as explained in below.

    5. When a vote results in a tie, a second vote is held between the President, VP, and National Leaders only and the popular vote between them wins. If a tie is reached by this second popular vote, the President chooses the winner.

  7. Elections:

    1. Members of the Governing Body are elected through annual Governing Body elections. The Governing Body elections for President, Vice President, and National Leaders are held every April, and all other Governing Body elections are held every October.

    2. Nominations are made by incumbents of the Governing body, and nominees may only include existing VBA members. Nominations may not be made by the general membership.

    3. If a member of the Governing Body does not step down prior to the annual vote, and no incumbent has nominated a replacement, the Board assumes the member of the Governing Body will continue in his or her position for the following year, and that member will not be voted upon that year.

    4. Any official VBA member, including a past or present members of the Governing Body, may be nominated and elected. There is no cap on the number of terms a member of the Governing Body may serve.

    5. Members of the Governing Body who step down are encouraged to nominate a replacement.

  8. Amendments: Any amendment or change to these VBA bylaws must be voted on by the Governing Body using the voting process as explained above.

  1. Leadership Communication:

  • The VBA President initiates a minimum of one conference call every quarter to discuss VBA concerns and changes. The President invites the VP, National Leaders, and a regional representative from each region to participate

  • Regional Leaders are encouraged to communicate regularly to discuss regional concerns.

  1. VBA Finances:

    1. VBA is financed by donations; there are no regular fees for members.

    2. When necessary, fees may be charged for specific purposes or events.

    3. In addition, VBA will host a campaign for donations twice each year to cover basic expenses (including domain hosting and website maintenance).

  2. VBA Logo:

    1. The VBA logo is copyrighted and owned by the VBA President.

    2. Permission to use the logo can only be extended by the VBA President.

    3. The logo must not be designed, altered, or worn in a way that implies affiliation with an MC or 1%er group.

    4. Regions may create their own logo, but the logo must be approved by the Governing Body.

    5. Each region’s default logo is the standard logo with the region’s name added.

  3. VBA Rallies:

    1. Each year, VBA hosts either a national rally or regional rally.

    2. National Rallies are held on odd years and Regional Rallies are held on even years.

  4. Governing Body Job Descriptions:

    1. President: The President leads, manages, and executes VBA affairs. He leads, advises, and motivates other members of the Governing Body along with Forum Moderators and drives positive change. He disciplines members as necessary. He is in charge of all national events. He maintains and updates and the new member enrollments.

    2. Vice President: The Vice President (VP) is the second person in command. He assists, and collaborates with, the President in all VBA affairs. If the President is not able to fulfill his responsibilities, the VP replaces the President until the President is able to resume his responsibilities.

    3. National Leaders: National Leaders supervise the organizing of all Regional Rallies in their respective regions, ensuring that nothing inappropriate is organized, and help the President plan and organize the National Rallies in their respective countries. They also help moderate the regional boards.

    4. Regional Leaders: Regional Leaders moderate their respective region’s section on the forum, deleting or redirecting any inappropriate posts. During the even years, regional leaders, along with their assistant(s), plan and host a rally within their region. The extent and details of the rallies are at the discretion of the regional leaders.

    5. Assistant Regional Leaders: Assistant Regional Leaders help the Regional Leaders moderate their respective region’s section on the forum by deleting or redirecting any inappropriate posts. During the even years, Assistant Regional Leaders help the Regional Leaders plan and host the Regional Rallies.

    6. Forum Admin: The forum Admin is not directly affiliated with VBA. He is the sole owner of the forum and is in charge of all forum operations.  

    7. The Governing Body and Forum Moderators: The Governing Body and Forum Moderators must thoroughly understand the VBA Forum Rules and Policies. As VBA staff, they actively participate in VBA activities helping with miscellaneous assignments. As moderators, they regularly log in to the forum to help make sure the VBA Forum Rules and Policies are followed, especially focusing on their designated moderating areas.  

    8. Social Media Moderator: The Social Media Moderator manages VBA’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. He deletes any inappropriate posts and blocks any inappropriate members. He increases VBA’s social media presence by posting, sharing, and liking any appropriate, VBA-related information.

    9. Emergency List Coordinator: The Emergency List Coordinator (ELC) gathers information for, and organizes, the emergency contact list. The ELC provides members with a copy of the list at the time they enroll, upon request, and annually. Ideally, the ELC will send out the annual copy at the beginning of the riding season.