2016 Regional Rallies

The rallies are listed earliest to latest.

2016 South Central Regional Rally

When: June 15-17, 2016
Where: Salem
, Missouri

Rally Headquarters: The Ranch Motel

Rally Leader: David "Framer" Marang

Written by David "Framer" Marang

Well the South Central rally is over and everybody made it home safe.

Enough said..... well probably not. So here's what happened.

Day 1: Sunday

My wife and I packed up Saturday night and headed out at day break Sunday morning.

After 8 or so hours on the road we hit Salem and a friendly face.... Amin.

The rest of the day was relaxing by the pool and eating dinner.

Day 2: Monday

The rally was still 2 days off, we hit the road for the Fort Davidson ride (or so we thought).

Somehow Dave's routes got reversed on my gps, so we got a little lost.

After pulling out my paper map and figuring out where we went wrong we made it to Fort Davidson Battlefield.

After lunch and a short break from the heat we headed south for some more great roads.

After 225 miles of twisties we made it back the motel and hit the pool. More people would be arriving today.

Some of the Arkansas crew including BudMan, Crystal, Jesse, Gina, Jane, Heath and Mic along with fellow Okies

Gene and Kathryn pulled in about 5:00. Ross also made it in from Arizona.

Day 3: Tuesday

Still 1 more day until the official start of the rally.

Some of the others went for rides and some went to Onondaga Cave.

Lyn and I went for a short ride to Montauk State Park, we needed to get back and grocery shop for the cookout.

The meet and greet cookout was a big hit. After the fire got under control on a 100°+ heat index day.

Heath cooked up some terrific hamburgers, hotdogs and hot links (man I wish I would have got one of those hot links).

We also had coleslaw, potato salad, chips and drinks. The rest of the night was your typical round chair discussion (bs).

Day 4: Wednesday

The first day of the rally. With all the wavers and ice forms filled out it was time to ride.

Big Springs Park was our destination via twisty highway 19. We made a pit stop in Eminence and then rode on to Big Springs Park.

The stop at Big Springs was refreshing. With over 276 million gallons of 58° water flowing from the springs daily

it made the water cooled breeze very welcomed on this 90°+ day.

We got back on the bikes and rode into Van Buren for lunch at the Float Stream Restaurant.

After lunch we headed back to the motel via state highway D. Highway D is a roller coaster ride, not something I needed right after lunch but hear I go chasing a lady named Kathryn on a 650 Bergman.

Now this isn't just any lady it's Wanders daughter and this lady can ride.

I was glad to see highway 21 and let things settle down before we turned on another curvy road named highway 32 and headed west back to rally central and the pool.

Dinner plans were made with various groups and then back to our round chair discussion to end the night.

Day 5: Thursday

Our typical day off found Lyn and I heading to a Can Am dealer in search of an antenna to replace the one I broke off the first night we were there. Then we went to Onondaga Cave.

Some people road to Route 66 and others did various short rides but we ultimately ended up back at the pool (it was hot).

That night a group of us enjoyed some good steaks at The Roadhouse Bar &Grill.

Day 6: Friday

We started the ride an hour earlier to try to beat the heat (haha). So at 8:00 we set out for Johnston's Shut-Ins State Park.

On the way we had quite the scare (it scared me anyway) when a deer came out and tried to give our

ride leader Jim Grimshaw a kiss and then went between him and his wife.

Wow, that was a close call. Jim said he never saw the deer until it's head was between his handle bars and his shoulder.

Some how the deer got stopped and went right behind his bike. I was right behind Liz and saw how close it came to both of them.

We made it to Shut-Ins State Park which is basically a natural water park where over eons the water has worn the rocks smooth.

When I found out it was a quarter mile walk in boots to see this park and it was already in the 90's I was out,

but some ventured down and at least one (Amin) took a swim. We left there and went to Elephant Rocks State Park.

It's a bunch of huge granite rocks. Some perched on top of a hill. We did have our first and only accident there.

John Repp slipped on the rocks and injured his right knee and right arm. John was thankful the accident didn't include his Voyager.

He rinsed it off, wrapped it up, duct tape was involved, and was ready to go.

Then we headed to lunch and a cool down at Fort Davidson Restaurant.

After lunch we all wanted the fastest way back (again it was hot) but with only twisty roads no way back would be very fast.

When we got back once again it was pool time and cooling down before our final dinner.

Our final dinner was at the Red Barn BBQ where we had a choice of all you can eat fish or ribs, beef brisket and pulled pork.

After dinner we headed back to the motel for the raffle. Thanks to ROK and our members the raffle was a big success.

We did our usual round chair discussion and said our goodbyes and off to bed for and early start home in the morning.

This rally was a huge success thanks to all the members that attended.

In all there were 30 members on 24 bikes. 26 attended the final dinner and raffle.



For more pictures of the rally click here.

2016 North Central Regional Rally

The Verne "Old Dog " Memorial Rally

When: June 21-23, 2016
Where: Hillsboro, Wisconsin

Rally Headquarters: Hillsboro Hotel

Rally Leader: Ray "Rayski271" Slansky

Rally Co Leader: Noel "Badger" Burke



The North Central Regional Rally for 2016 was a rally in remembrance of Verne L Arnesen (Old Dog).

Verne was a fellow NCR member, who passed away while attending a rally in Antlers, Oklahoma in October, 2015. RIP





For more pictures of the rally click here.

2016 South Eastern Regional Rally


When: June 21-23, 2016
Where: Helen, Georgia

Rally Headquarters: Hampton Inn


Rally Leader: Ron "coacha" Allan

Rally Co Leader: Daren "goose" Bivens

Rally Co Leader: Tom "nomadtom" Green

                                                                        No information about the rally is currently available.



For more pictures of the rally click here.

Canada East / North East U.S. Regional Rally


When: August 16-17-18, 2016

Where: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Rally Headquarters: Hotel-Motel Le Boise du Lac


Rally Leader: Tom "Tomm" Maziarz

Rally Leader: Norm "CNC" Ward

Rally Co Leader: Tim "Top Cat" Conley


Written by Tom "Tomm" Maziarz

Sunday, August 14th. Our friends, Dave and Mary, drove up to our house in southeastern NH from Massachusetts yesterday, and we’re about ready to head out and meet up with my son Michael and his girlfriend Shanna about 2 hours north before we point our bikes northwest for the ride up to Mont Tremblant. Our plan is to ride into New York somewhere around the Vermont, Canada borders, find a place for the night, and then ride the rest of the way to the rally on Monday. We got as far as Rouses Point, before settling down for the night. The next day, we decided to continue heading west in New York before crossing over into Canada, in order to stay well west of Montreal traffic, and arrived at the rally site late in the afternoon. Most folks were already there, and came out into the parking lot to greet us as we parked the bikes and started unloading them. It was just great to meet up with both old and new friends. It was especially nice to see TC and Cindy there. They had driven up by car as TC had suffered a cracked vertebrae in his neck several weeks earlier in an accident and was still in a neck brace. We’re glad you guys still came.



Unfortunately, there was also a little bit of bad news.

Badger: Black Hills had suffered a minor accident not more than a minute or two from the motel, but it was enough to break his ankle in two places. To hear that they had come all the way from South Dakota and have that happen at the very end was really disheartening.

The local emergency room determined that surgery was required, and he and his wife Ruth left Tuesday evening for a Wednesday morning flight home, where the surgery was successfully performed.

Here is a picture of the cast, in Kawasaki green of course.

He is doing well and thanks everyone for the card and the well wishes.

We also found out that Don (Minst7877) needed a clutch replacement on his way in, and spent a good part of Monday at a Kawasaki dealer getting that dealt with. Fortunately the dealership had all the necessary parts in stock, and he and his traveling partner Bud, finally arrived at the motel about 8:30 PM.

The venue for our rally was the Hotel-Motel Le Boise du Lac, a small motel about 15 minutes outside of Mont Tremblant village.

Located on a lake with free use of canoes, paddleboats and kayaks, a fire pit, grills, and plenty of great riding nearby, it was the perfect setting, and we were all looking forward to the week ahead.

Monday evening for the most part was socializing around hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, beer and soda, and doing the raffle. Everyone brought in a small gift for the raffle, and pretty much everybody walked away with something.

Tuesday was our first of two rides, both planned and led by Norm’s brother Allen. In the past, some folks had asked whether it is was OK to attend a rally if they didn’t ride a Kawasaki Bagger.

We said, absolutely, but to hammer home the point, it only seemed appropriate that Allen and his Gold Wing should be the lead bike.

I rode in the cradle, and Norm did tail-gunner duties.

After a short pre-ride meeting, we all headed out about 9:00 AM. Our first stop was to continue a tradition started at our 2015 Rally in Lincoln, NH, and that was to get pictures of the group going through a covered bridge.

This one was the Pont-Prud’homme outside the town of Brébeuf. We got some great shots.

After a short rest, we continued on through some marvelously twisty roads to lunch at Le Madorick in Duhamel, where we were warmly greeted by the owner.

After that, we meandered through the Quebec countryside, around lakes and along rivers, eventually stopping for a break at one of Canada’s Tim Horton’s in Grenville.

Unfortunately, by the time we were ready to leave, the rain that had been predicted all day had finally arrived. So on went the rain gear, and off we went for the last hour or so back to the motel, arriving about 4:00 PM.


With the rain continuing through the evening, we gathered in the motel’s kitchen area and eventually decided to get pizzas for dinner, which we had delivered. A little more socializing, and then everyone headed back to their rooms for the night.

Wednesday morning, the rain had stopped and the day was bright and sunny. It was a "do your own thing" day and folks headed off in a variety of directions. After a little food shopping and some laundry, Allen showed us the way to Mont Tremblant Village, which was a bustle of activity with the IronMan Competition scheduled for the following week. What a place! We had some lunch and enjoyed walking around before heading back to the motel. That evening, we fired up the grill again to finish up the hamburgers and hot dogs that were left over from Monday night, before gathering around a fire pit down by the lake.

The evening’s entertainment was provided by Sue and Gerry, who attempted to navigate, and I use that term loosely, a paddle boat around the lake. They made it about 10 feet from the dock before our laughter brought the owner down from the motel, who rowed out to the stranded sailors and gave them a paddle, with which they were eventually able to work their way close enough to the dock to get pulled in. They tried to explain that the pedals were broken, but nobody was buying it.

Thursday was our second group ride of the rally, and once again we gathered at 8:45 AM for the pre-ride meeting. Unfortunately, Michael and Shanna had to sit this ride out, as his bike was having some electrical problems. But the rest of us set out shortly after 9:00, along with Sylvain (Sly), who joined us for the day.

First stop was St Donat, where we parked along the main street and walked around the village.

Then a short stop at a local beach area, Lac Archambault, and back on the road again. After a little more riding, we stopped for lunch at La Reserve in Notre Dame De La Merci. Shortly after resuming the ride, Allen and Gerry on the lead bike suddenly pulled off to the side of the road. Turns out his GPS came loose from its holder and flew off the bike. Although they were able to recover it, it no longer worked. After that, Norm took over the lead and I dropped back to tail-gunner. Bud on his trike was just ahead of me. Maybe he is getting on a bit in years, but you would never know it watching him take some of those corners. Very impressive Bud!!!

Just a few more miles down the road, we ran into an unexpected road closure at Entre Lacs

(Norm swears the road was open five days earlier)

and needed to turn around and re-trace our steps.

An hour or so later and what seemed like 100 stop signs working our way around the detour, we finally arrived at the last stop of our ride for ice cream at Le Snack Shack in Montcalm. Then back to the motel.

After a short rest, we all headed off to a local restaurant, Le Cage aux Sport in St Jovite, for our end of rally dinner.

After dinner, we gathered in the parking lot for the last formal ceremony of the rally.

First, Allen was presented with a plaque in recognition of all the work he had done in planning the group rides.

Great job Allen and thanks.

Second was a NE US / Eastern Canada Rally Tradition starting this year . . . the awarding of the Rally Boxers to Pete (Patriot), although it was a bit of a setup since his was the only name in the hat. The Rally Boxers turned up in the laundry after several of us washed clothes at the end of the 2014 Rally in Lincoln, NH.

As no one was willing to claim them, it was decided that they should be awarded to someone at each future rally for the two year period until the next regional. So congratulations Pete.

We’re sure you look great in Kawasaki Green Boxers.

On Friday morning, it was time to pack up and start heading home. Don and Bud started off on their tour of the New England states before heading back to Michigan. Pete began his ride back to Nova Scotia, stopping for new tires along the way. Trevor and Sue started their trip back to western Massachusetts, and Rob and Lois set off for Ontario. Shortly everyone was one their way, including us.

It was a great rally and I think we were all sorry to see it end.

After crossing through customs, we stopped for lunch and then left Michael and Shanna as they turned their bike east and headed for home. Dave, Mary, Sue and I continued to ride south and spent the next two days finalizing the venue for the 2017 National before heading home ourselves on Sunday.

Stay tuned.

Here's a few more pictures from the rally.

For more pictures of the rally click here.