2010 Regional Rallies

2010 South West Regional Rally

When: June 14-16, 2010

Where: Cortez, Colorado

Rally Headquarters: Budget Host Hotel


Rally Leader: Joel "Waterman" Schneekloth

Written by Joel "Waterman" Schneekloth

The rally didn't officially start until Monday morning but on Sunday evening, everyone had shown up in one piece. A total of 14 members were in attendance with 4 guests from Riders of Kawasaki (Brian Gibson), Accelerate Magazine (Teri Conrad) and friends (John and Joe). As always, food is an integral part of a rally. We went to Blondies's Pub and were actually served by Blondie herself. The evening continued back at headquarters with plenty of refreshments.

Day 1. The weather was fabulous with bright skies and nice temps for the area. The first ride was to Moab, Utah and Arches National Park. Jared led the ride to Moab. It is pretty much an uneventful ride to Arches until you get close and then see the scenery change just over the hill. We only touched a portion of the park but it was truly amazing. Words are hard to describe the beauty. After a trip thru Arches, we wandered back to Moab for a very late lunch. After lunch is was a trip back to Cortez. On the route back we did encounter a fresh layer of chip seal. Many didn't care for it but for me, just like riding back home.

Day 2. The Million Dollar Highway or also called the San Juan Loop. This is true mountain riding at it's best. There are two legends as to why it's called the Million Dollar Highway. One is it cost a million dollars a mile to build and the other is they used mine tailings for fill in areas and that there is millions of dollars in gold left under the highway. My thoughts, the views are worth a million dollars. Rod "Pronghorn" led the ride this morning. However, north of Durango and the start of the Million Dollar Highway, we broke into smaller groups based on the speed they wanted to go with the plans to meet up at Silverton and then again at Ridgway for lunch. We then rode as a group on the backside of the ride back into Cortez.

Since several members were headed home tomorrow, we decided to hold the raffle that night. ROK had donated several nice prizes as well as a goodie bag for everyone. Thanks much to Brian and Teri.

Day 3. A much smaller group with only 6 of us left. Monument Valley was in our sights as Scott "CactusJack" Hanks led us to the desert. Everything has its own beauty. Monument Valley is desolate but the sights are amazing. If anyone remembers the movie Forest Gump, we were where he stopped running.

On the trip back, we did run into a wind/sand storm for a few miles. Really gives you that western feeling. At the end of the day, we had ridden in 4 states and Kris "Netnorske" has a picture of every State sign as proof.

This was the end of the rally with everyone departing the next morning with some extremely early and others at the very end. It was a truly fantastic rally with the best weather we could have hoped for as well as the company of friends that we were before.



There were six regional rallies held in 2010

2010 South East Regional Rally

When: June 15-17, 2010.
Where: Staunton, Virginia

Rally Leader: Ron "CoachA" Allan

Written by Ron "CoachA" Allan

Day 1 We had a ride to WV planned but we had to put it off due to weather and decided to do the Blue Ridge Parkway instead.

A total of 15 bikes, 13 of which were Nomads on the ride. Mike lead the ride and we had a fantastic time riding the BRP.

On the way back, we stopped at the Pink Cadillac Diner, a flash back to the 50's for sure.

Day 2 Was a ride to Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello near Charlotesville, VA. This was a fantastic look back into colonial times by our group. We had 19 bikes, 17 Nomads. We stopped for dinner as a group at Golden Corral.

Day 3 Was a ride to the top of Reddish Knob mountain...up a very narrow road that was one way up and one way down. At the peak (4400 feet), we could see into West Virginia and Virginia. It was a stunning view. Then we road into West Virginia, stopping at a local BBQ, then on to US 250 to visit the Confederate Breastworks, a site of a Confederate stronghold during the Civil War.

The rally ended with a cookout at Walnut Hills Campground pavilion. We had a total of 29 people and 23 bikes at the cookout.

Many door prizes were awarded, including a Wompus rack and a set of lowers donated by John.

It was a great time with no one getting into any trouble with the law or having any major incidents with their bikes.



For more pictures of the rally click here.

2010 South Central Regional Rally 

When: June 24-26, 2010

Where: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Rally Headquarters: Riders Rest Motel

Rally Leader: Jim "Oldbikers" Hardin

Rally Co Leader: Victor "Nightmare" Golubowsky


Written by Victor "Nightmare" Golubowsky


Thursday's ride to Branson, Mo., Lambert's Restaurant in Ozark, Mo. and across Bull Shoals Lake.
There were approx. 22 nomads in 2 different groups Left E.S. at approx. 9:00am down US-62 into Berryville, turned north onto AR-21 thru Blue Eye, Mo. to east on MO-86. Followed Mo-86 east to US-65. Went north on US-65 to US-65B. Turned right onto US-65B thru Hollister, MO. to MO-76. Turned west on MO-76 across Lake Taneycomo into old Town Branson, MO. where we spent the better part of 1.5 hour at a Bass Pro Shop. Left Bass Pro to Mo-76 west to US-65 north to Ozark, MO. where we exited onto Hwy-CC to Lambert's Restaurant, where I was brutally attacked with a biscuit to the head and a feigned spilled drink to the lap, all perpetrated by our leaders. Left Lamberts on Hwy-cc east, turned left onto Hwy-NN north to US-60. Went east on US-60 to MO-125. Went right onto MO-125 south thru Linden, Chadwick, Rueter, & Protem into Arkansas where we rode approx. 3/4 mile on Peel Ferry across Bull Shoals lake. Had a Pickup truck with a pop-up camper, 20 Nomads and 1 Kawasaki 900 on board. Continued on AR-125 after crossing the lake thru Peel, AR. to right on AR-268 west over to AR-14. Went right on AR-14 west to left on AR-7 south thru South Lead Hill, into Harrison where we went right on US-65 north. Continued on US-65 north to east on US-62 back to E.S. Total Miles approx. 240 mile.

Friday's Ride There were 7 Nomads that rode thru War Eagle, AR., Rogers, AR. Bentonville, AR., Noel, MO.
WE left E.S. at approx. 9:00am on AR-23 south for 12 mile to AR-12 west for 1 mile to Ar-127 then back onto AR-12 thru War Eagle, AR. (took a side trip to War Eagle Mill. Continued west on AR-12 thru Rogers, AR., Bentonville, AR. to AR-59 at Gentry, AR. Went right on AR-59 north thru Gravett, AR. into Missouri on MO-59 to Noel, Mo. at the Elk river Bluff's. Turned right onto MO-90 west thru Jane, MO. to Hwy-E. Turned right on Hwy-E to AR-94 east in Arkansas thru Pea Ridge, AR. to US-62. Went east on Us-62 east back to E.S. Total Mile = 170

Saturday's Ride There were 14 Nomads that rode to the Burger barn in Ozone, AR., Clarksville, AR., Mount Judea, AR., Jasper, AR., Ponca, AR. Osage, AR., and Green Forest, AR.
Left E.S. at 9:30am on US-62 East thru Berryville to right on AR-21 south. Continued on AR-21 thru Kingston, AR., Fallsville, AR., to Ozone, AR. where we had lunch at the infamous Burger Barn. Continued on AR-21 south to Clarksville where we fuled up then continued on US-64 east to left on AR-123 north thru Haw Creek Falls, Mount Judea, AR. to AR-74. We went left on AR-74 west to Jasper, AR. where we took a break at a convenience store. Continued on AR-74 west to right 0n AR-43 north thru Ponca, AR. Turned left on AR-103 thru Osage, AR. , Rudd, AR. to US-62. Went west on US-62 back to E.S. Total mile 223.

On Saturday we had 8 bikes break out on a sightseeing expedition of their own. Leaving E.S appx 9:30am to the Crystal Cathedral after a beautiful visit with plenty of pics we moved on to visit our friends at Cycle Gadgets. Our next stop was Beaver Dam for more pics, we continued on some beautiful winding tree covered roads in to the back door of old town Eureka Springs. After a beautiful ride thru town we continued on to War Eagle Mill for lunch, after a great lunch, and lovely rain showers, we enjoyed more picture oppurtunities, and then continued back to the Riders Rest.

Barbeque and Raffle
The barbeque on friday went over great, Mitch dazzled us with a fantastic gumbo and a great potato salad, we had lots of hamburgers, bologna and sausages cooking on the grill, and some great camaraderie all around, no one went hungry. The raffles, I believe were a great success they provided some great prizes, and some great laughs for all, prizes ranged from key chains to tool sets to leather vests even to cash. All money collected was given out in the raffle as $25 prizes. There was enough food left over that we had a second barbeque on saturday, another wonderful time.

What can I say...when you associate with and ride with the best people on earth something magical always happens, and that's what we have here. The Rallies will only continue to grow and become better, because we want them to, as they say "if you build it they will come" and you can see from the number of new faces this is happening. I am proud to be part of KawaNow and will help it grow in any way I can so that more people can experience the same joy I get from riding with the best men and women on earth.                            Thank you Trip, for the opportunity to be part of something special.



For more pictures of the rally click here.

2010 North Central Regional Rally

When: July 9-11, 2010
Where: Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Rally Leader: Dave "Biscuits N Gravy" Mills
Rally Co Leader: Greg "glwilson" Wilson


Glwilson and spouse
1600bluekaw and spouse
dmac and spouse
BiscuitsNGravy (NCR Leader) and spouse
Mr. Gerber (guest of Stretch)
rayski271) (ARL NCR)
Ponch (Former NCR Leader)
Paul (Guest of Chuckster and Ivan)
Rusty1 and his wife


Written by Greg "glwilson" Wilson

The first rally for this region was held July 9th - 11th, 2010, and was based out of Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin - which rests on the banks of the Mississippi River among towering river bluffs.

Home Base: Due to limited room availability, and a last-minute change to our home-base motel due to complications, we had people staying in up to four hotels: Country Inn, Super 8, Best Western, the Imperial Hotel, and a nearby private camp-ground facility.


Attendance Data:

- 13 Bikes total
- 11 Nomads of various years and color
- 18 Attendees
- 2 Guest Riders
- 11 KawaNOW members (10 from the NCR and 1 from NER)

Most everyone arrived on Thursday evening, July 8th and checked-in with Dave (BiscuitNGravy) and me (glwilson) at our hotel, the Country Inn. Cal and Rusty arrived late Friday afternoon. Good conversation and great camaraderie, along with a few adult-beverages were shared by everyone upon arrival.

It seems the arrival is always one of the highlights as you wait anxiously to see who will make it, so you can catch-up face-to-face on what has been happening since you last talked; and last but not least, to be able to meet those you haven't met in person before.

Day 1 (Friday, July 9th): The day commenced early with our pre-ride meeting at the Country Inn parking lot at 8AM. We departed for our first day's ride, the "Mississippi River Loop" at 8:45AM -- which is merely a loop-ride alongside the Mississippi River heading north on Rt. 35 (the Great River Road) toward La Crosse, WI., with an occasional stop along the way to stretch and enjoy the beautiful river bluff scenery. Once in La Crosse, WI, we crossed over the river into Minnesota for fuel and stretching before heading south along the river, hugging the shoreline as much as possible. Ripper had to separate from us and head back home in north Minnesota for a family obligation. We Eventually we crossed Iowa's border and made our way toward a short "side-trip" through a forest preserve which provided for a 8-mile stretch of twisted turns, hills, and valleys -- just to test the group's endurance and skills before our rides scheduled for the next two-days. Happily, everyone passed the test from all the smiles I could see on their faces.

Our lunch stop was in McGregor, Iowa at a bar-grill on the banks of the Mississippi River -- a favorite stop for the many bikers traveling through that area.

After lunch, a few of us (around 9 bikes) continued south to the Iowa Pikes Peak State Park, where we took a half-hour or so to enjoy what I believe to be one of the best views in the Midwest. This park has an overlook cantilevered over one of the tallest bluffs along the river towering 500 feet above where the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers meet -- the exact point where Lewis & Clark became confused as to the direction of the Mississippi.

Next up; 7 bikes rode down further south to Balltown, Iowa to the oldest restaurant/bar in Iowa (another huge favorite of bikers). But, before arriving there, we had to ride on continuous; wide-sweeping curves twisting in, around, and over what seemed to be endless river-bluffs. We stopped at a bluff overlook just 1/2 mile north of Balltown to stretch and enjoy the view before stopping for refreshments and returning back north on the same roads to Prairie du Chien to call it a day.

This day's ride was chosen for the first-ride based on its lower skill-level, allowing for everyone to get used to group-riding, to enjoy the scenery, and to get a "lay of the land". We traveled through several small 'river-towns' on this trip, with some appearing to have been "locked-in-time" from a different century.

This day concluded with everyone being on their own to eat and get an early night's rest.

Day 2 (Saturday, July 10th): This day began at 8:30 AM; with now 9 bikes (some wanted to visit the 'House on the Rock', while another was ill). Saturday's ride headed us along the southern region of the Wisconsin River headed east toward lunch at Frank Lloyd Wright's Visitor Center's cafe. The ride intention was to ride north and south toward and away from the river to take advantage of all the tight-twisty roads that wind through all bluffs leading up to the Wisconsin River. While some of the route had to be changed when we confronted road-construction; we were able to find plenty of alternative roads to ride providing continuous twisting up and down hills. We eventually made it to Rt. 23 north, where we made one quick stop to look at the House on the Rock's 'Infinity Room' overhang its valley from a high-bluff. Soon after this, we continued to the FLW Visitor Center's cafe for lunch. It appeared from the comments that the cafe was a 'hit' with the group as the food and atmosphere was great. The cafe is located in a FLW designed building overlooking the Wisconsin River and the bluffs where his home, Taliesin East, has been located since the early 1900's. Once lunch was done, Cal had to part with the group for a family gathering nearby as we headed across the Wisconsin River to Spring Green, WI, where we headed back west along the north shoreline of the river on our way back to Prairie du Chien, WI. This was a leisurely ride along most of this road as it meandered along the river. Eventually, however, we took a side road up and over a north-bluff of the river to continue on some tight, twisted, and hilly roads toward the Mississippi River. While we almost got separated at this point, several members of the group remembered to wait at specific points until everyone eventually caught up with each other. Kudo's to them for doing so!

Once arriving at the Mississippi, some were tired and went back to their hotel; while three of us (glwilson, stretch, and Mr. Gerber) continued north on the Great River Road to 'hit' a few more Mississippi River bluff 'twisties' before calling it a day.

Later that evening, almost everyone in the group joined us for a dinner at a typical Wisconsin Supper-Club steakhouse (Jones Angus Steakhouse). We were all in agreement the dinner, atmosphere, and camaraderie was priceless. The restaurant accommodated our large group very well. Everyone commented they had a great time and great food there. In other words... it hit-the-spot for what everyone was looking for.

Day 3 (Sunday, July 11th): This ride, starting at 8:45AM with 8-bikes, was designed to travel north along Rt. 35 (the Great River Road) while turning east into the river-bluff roads to the bluff-tops and then back east toward the Mississippi River to take advantage of all the miles and miles of twisted-hilly roads. This route was loaded with great roads requiring everyone to pay attention, and pull-out their best riding skills. We eventually came to the final road, prior to a few members departing the group, that provided the tightest turns in the entire area that tested the maximum skills of everyone in the group. This road had turns going downhill that came back almost 240 degrees in a tight radius; making it the most challenging strip of road we traveled the entire rally. This brought us to around 11AM where 4-bikes separated to begin to head back to the hotel for their ride back to their homes. The remainder 4-bikes (glwilson, rayski271, 1600bluekaw, and dmac) all continued on this 'weaving' pattern along the river bluffs all the way to La Crosse, WI where we had lunch at an old A&W Root beer stand - just in time to avoid a rain-shower. Food was great, and the time relaxing was much needed by then.

Once lunch was done we headed back south, taking some of the same roads into the bluffs, before finally arriving back in Prairie du Chien at around 4:30PM.

The remaining group met for dinner for our last evening at a Japanese restaurant. We had a great time at dinner, reminiscing about the previous three days and some of the new friends we met.

All too soon though, it was time to get some sleep and begin our individual departures the next morning -- calling an end to a great rally.

Comments and observations:

I would say that the area we chose for our rally was felt to be a great choice by those attending; and likely the next rally will be in the same area in a couple years. I, personally, would like to see this group (and any others that can join) get together annually if possible in this area for another 'mini-rally' (maybe just a couple days).

Personally, I hope those that attended had a good time, and enjoyed their experience. I met some individuals I would have never had the opportunity to meet if it were not for KawaNOW; and it was my pleasure to have done so. As a group, we had some really great people attend. One couldn't ask for a better group of individuals to get together with. To Cal... thanks for the 'koozie' (custom-made with the NCR Regional Rally KawaNOW logo - only one of two in the world!). It is keeping an adult beverage cold as I type this!!

To Don and Melody... thanks for the Guardian Bell. It means a lot to me, and is on my bike now. To Dave... thanks for all your help on this rally. Whew! We somehow made it happen! To Trip and the all the staff members of KawaNOW, thanks for making this opportunity possible with all that you do. Keep up the good-work!




2010 North East Regional Rally

 When: July 29-August 1, 2010
Where: Lake George, New York
Rally Headquarters: Fran Cove Motel 

  Rally Leader: Larry "Fish" Trimble
Rally Co Leader: Tim "Top Cat" Conley
Rally Co Leader: Roger "Sarge1057" Surman


This was our first attempt at organizing and overseeing such an event. Some said the bar was set high. That's because we had excellent ARLs, TC & Sarge. They organized and lead the rides. Some of the wives helped with the meet and greet picnic. With the help of these fine people, the rally ran like clockwork.

The weather was perfect, sunny in the 60s to about 80 by the afternoon.

We had 28 bikes and 32 people staying at Fran Cove Motel. Three members and a guest stopped by to ride along on Saturday. Elaine and I arrived on Wednesday to set things up before the majority of the attendees arrived.

The event scheduled for Thursday was a meet and greet picnic with a raffle of prizes to cover the cost of food and essentials.       Linda, owner of Fran Cove Motel, took the time to take our pictures with about 25 cameras (can't say enough about the motel, great place). We found out that on Thursday evenings during the months of July and August the Village of Lake George puts on fireworks for the tourists. Added bonus. Some of the attendees went into town on the trolley to see the fireworks. Others stayed at the motel and viewed the firework from there.

The event scheduled for Friday was a ride in the Adirondacks Mountains, which included Whiteface Mtn. A lunch break at a BBQ place called the Tail of the Pup and then back to Lake George. The riding group included one ARL, who lead the ride, and about 12 bikes. The temperature on Whiteface Mtn. was about 50 degrees, nice for us northern boys. Ringhdingh was wearing just a tee shirt, those crazy Canadians. After the ride some people decided to go into town on the trolley, which stopped at the motel. Others stayed at the motel and we made the rest of the picnic food.

The event scheduled for Saturday was a ride to Lake Champlain, taking a ferry into Vermont, riding across the Green Mountains and back to Lake George. The groups were split the same as above. Some attendees didn't want to go for the ride, so they stayed back and enjoyed the day in town. After the ride, everyone was free to go on his or her own. On Sunday morning after all the goodbyes, most attendees left to go home.

The 2010 northeast KawaNOW Rally is in the record books. It was a good time for all with eating, riding, laughing, sightseeing and even swimming.

They can't wait to do it again. Most of us came as strangers but left as friends with a stronger connection to KawaNOW.                 Several are planning on going to the national rally in 2011. 


For more pictures of the rally click here.

Goodbye Video



2010 North West Regional Rally

When: August 3-5, 2010
Where: Kalispell, Montana

Rally Headquarters: Holiday Inn Express

Rally Leader: Kris "Netnorske" Olsen
Rally Co Leader: Greg "Schoeney" Schoenkopf

Written by Kris "Netnorske" Olsen

Including early departures (schoeney and his brother...and Landman) and late arrivals (Delivery58 and his wife, and Tom and Larry from Spokane)...I think we had a total of about 15 Nomads attend the Rally, coming from several different States and a couple Provinces as well!

Gathering at the Holiday Inn Express in Kalispell, MT., we used that as our base for the next few days. The weather reports upon arrival were iffy at best, with thundershowers here and there, making it a tough call for which day to ride the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. The hotel had a great fire pit to relax and sit around, so each night that was the gathering place for those sipping cocktails, drinking beer, smoking cigars, or just taking in the laughter and great atmosphere!

Day 1: We chose to stick with the original plan and make the GNP ride the first day. It turned out to be the worst of the three days to make the run, but we didn't/couldn't know that at the time. The first part of the day started out fine through the Marias Pass on Hwy 2, but turned cold and wet as we left East Glacier for St. Mary, where we stopped at the St, Mary's Lodge for coffee and lunch.

Riders coming down off the pass reported no rain on top, but fog on the east side, so we decided to go for it rather than go back the way we came. The short run up the east side to Logan Pass was unimpressive as we could not see anything in the fog. We stopped for some photos at the pass, where new reports were that things were clear on the longer west side! Within 200 yards west of the pass things did clear up and we got some incredible views and photos! By the time we reached the bottom we were riding in T-shirts for the return trip to Kalispell. It was like two entirely different rides!

Day 2: Wednesday was a do-it-yourself day, so people scattered in all directions, taking in the attractions surrounding Kalispell or just laying low for the day. The weather was spectacular....sunny and hot, causing some regret at not having this kind of weather the day prior. Among other places, we hit the local Kawi dealership, where Lomax's wife Lorna was begging him (with no luck) to buy the new Voyager...!!! Others rode to the ski resort in Whitefish and took the lift up the hill for lunch and a great view!

Day 3: Thursday we all gathered about 8:30 for a group ride around Flathead Lake, south of Kalispell. Flathead is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi and takes awhile to make the loop! We stopped to buy some fresh local cherries at a roadside stand before rolling into Big Fork, a quaint little town on the east side of the lake for lunch and some window shopping before pressing north up to Hungry Horse Dam. Again, the weather was fabulous and t-shirts were the norm! After visiting the dam...the group split up with some heading back to the hotel....and others making another run up the west side of Logan Pass! At 7:00pm, we all met at Perkins Restaurant for a final dinner in the banquet room, where we raffled off the stuff Kawasaki had donated to the Rally!

Friday morning we said our goodbyes and departed in different directions, with four bikes riding south with me for a sun soaked run over the famed Lolo Pass from Missoula, MT to Orofino, ID on Hwy 12! What an incredible ride that is!

The NW Rally was a great success and I can't wait for next year's events. I want to thank schoeney and CC for their help in putting the thing together and hope to see many of you next year in Crescent City for the "Rally in the Redwoods"! Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to attend and make it a special memory for us all...!! 

Ride Safe....Kris "Netnorske"

For more pictures of the rally click here.